Milford Marina Regatta 2019

This is a two-day premium regatta event over the August Bank Holiday weekend for Byron James 1 & 2, and Gentleman's classes.

There will be a Commodore's reception and Skippers briefing at PYC on Friday evening with sailing on the Saturday and Sunday

The sailing will be based at Milford Marina and Pembrokeshire Yacht Club (PYC) on Milford Haven Waterway. If the weather is suitable, one race will take the boats outside the Haven to the coastal waters; all other races will be within the Haven.

Friday: Skippers briefing and entries taken from 1900 - 2000 hrs with Briefing at 2000 hrs

Sat : Race start 1100 hrs Prize giving at PYC ; Commodores Dinner on Saturday Evening at PYC  can be booked with Cilla Reynolds
Sun : Race start 1100hrs: Prize giving at PYC 1800 hrs

Mon : No racing

Milford Marina are offering special daily rates for competitors

There will be a shuttle bus service between Milford Marina and PYC.


On Milford Marina there are many venues for cooked breakfasts everyday
Live music @ PYC on Saturday and Sunday evenings

Contact: Barry or Allison on 07773019194 or Cilla on 07717 495144

Notice of Race Milford Marina Regatta 2019




 August 24th and 25th




                                Organising Authority


                         The Organising Authority is Pembrokeshire Cruiser Racing Club (PCRC)


                         Competitors should note that Pembrokeshire Cruiser Racing Club will implement the RYA Racing Charter and they will be required to undertake to sail in compliance with the Charter, which can be found at the front of the RYA rule book (Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020).


                         All enquires to Mr Barry Kingston Tel No 07773019194 Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                      Updated information and Entry Forms can be found at




2.1           The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.


2.2             The following will apply (PY), Byron James System, Class Association Rules as appropriate or Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) Special Regulations Category 4, prescriptions of The Royal Yachting Association (RYA). The Notice of Race (NOR) and the Sailing Instructions (SI’s). In case of conflict between the NOR and the SI’s, the SI’s will take precedence.


2.3            The Exoneration Penalty (and the Advisory Hearing and RYA Arbitration) of the RYA Rules Disputes Procedures will be available.


2.4           Yachts shall not obstruct or impede the passage of commercial shipping under control of the Milford   Haven Port Authority. Any yacht doing so shall be liable to disqualification.








3                  Classes


3.1           The intended class flags and classes are as follows


                 CLASS TCC Handicap System Flag


Division 1    BJ/PY     Numeral  1


Division 2    BJ/PY     Numeral  2


Division 3    Gentleman’s class BJ/PY Numeral   3   (No spinnaker)


Class splits will be dependent on entries and will be announced not before Friday August 25th 2017


4                   Advertising


                      As per ISAF Regulations 20


5                   Eligibility and Conditions of Entry


    5.1             The Regatta is open to all boats of the PY/Byron James Rating System


    5.2              Eligible boats may enter by completing Milford Haven Marina Entry Form available on PCRC Web site or obtained at Commodore's Reception at Pembrokeshire Yacht Club  on Friday 25th August



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Milford Marina Regatta 2019 Entry Form

Click her for printable edition of       Milford Haven Regatta Entry Form


Milford Marina Sailing Instructions



Milford Marina Regatta August 24th and 25th








1.    RULES


1.1.    Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the RYA, these sailing instructions and any appropriate class rules. In the event of any conflicts these sailing instructions shall prevail,


1.2.    Competitors should note that the RYA Racing Charter will be implemented and they will be required to undertake to sail in compliance with the charter which can be found at the front of the RYA rule book RRS 2017-2020.


1.3.    Competitors give their consent to the Pembrokeshire Cruiser Racing Club, its sponsors, and the organizing authority to use their name, comments, photographs and likeness, in order to promote the club and its sections.


1.4.    Advertising: ISAF Regulation 20 shall apply.






2.1.    Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board(s) located on The Marina Notice Board 






3.1.    Any changes to the Sis will be announced on VHF Ch 37one hour and half an hour before the scheduled starting time of the race or races concerned.






4.1.    No International Code flags will be used for signals. All Signals will be made by VHF radio Channel 37.






Note: Classes and Starting Times are subject to change dependent on entries.




5.1.    Saturday 24th August


        Two Round the Cans races.
Race 1 (Round the Cans )







Division 1

BJ/PY 1050 and under



Division 2

BJ/PY 1051 and over



Division 3

Gentlemen’s (no spinnakers)






Race 2 (Round the Cans)







Division 1

BJ/PY 1050 and under


TBA on Radio

Division 2

BJ/PY 1051 and over



Division 3

Gentlemen’s (no spinnakers)






Note: - Race 2 Start time will be at discretion of raceofficer




5.2.    Sunday 25th August (Haven Aproaches)


Start Times as per SI 5.1 Race 1  






When there has been a long postponement or when more than one race (or sequence of races, for two or more classes) will be held on the same day the warning signal for the first race and each succeeding race will be made as soon as practicable. To alert boats that a race or sequence of races will begin soon, a VHF announcement with one sound will be made at least four minutes before a warning signal is displayed.






When two races are scheduled to be sailed, for each division, back to back the first warning signal for the 2nd set of races will be no more than 30 minutes after the last boat to finish in the first set of races.






The Start Line for all races will be the PYC Milford Marina Start line.  The Haven Approaches and Round the Cans races will be in the approaches to and harbour of Milford Haven.






7.1.    The courses to be sailed will be announced by VHF Radio Channel 37(M1) at least 10 minutes before the warning signal for the class concerned.  Failure to make this broadcast on time will not be grounds for redress.  This changes RSS 62.1(a).


7.2.    The approximate compass bearing of the first mark may be Broadcast by VHF Radio Channel 37.












7.3.    Haven Approaches and Round the Cans will use standard navigation buoys and laid marks as below.










Windward Mark

Orange inflatable pillar

As laid

Skokholm Mark

Orange/white buoy marked PYC

South of The Neck at approx 51° 41.9N, 5° 15.8W

Gateholm Mark

Yellow/black buoy marked PYC

In Gateholm Bay at approx

51° 43.11’N, 5° 13.19’W

Sandy Haven

Orange/white buoy marked PYC

51° 42.92’N, 5° 06.0’W

Al Khor

N. cardinal navigation buoy

Near the lifeboat slip at approx

51° 41.64’N, 5° 04.93’W


Tall green navigation buoy

In Chapel Bay at approx

51° 41.63’N, 5° 05.77’W


Green Channel Marker

East of Valero Jetty

51º41.88N  005º01.12W

Mine Depot

Round Orange/White Quartered buoy

100m west of Mine depot Jetty

51º42.15N  005º00.91W

PYC Gellyswick Bay

Round Orange/White Quarterd buoy

Middle of Gellyswick Bay

51º42.30N  005º03.56W









7.4.    Passage between Thorn Island and the mainland to the east is prohibited.






8.1       Races will be started as follows. This changes rules 26. Times shall be taken from visual signals; the failure of a sound signal shall be disregarded




                        Title                             Time                            Signal


                        Warning                      5 Minutes to start        Light 1 On: 1 Sound


                        Preparatory                  4 Minutes to start        Light 2 On: 1 sound


                        Preparatory Removed1 Minute to start         Light 2 Off: 1 Sound.


                        Starting                       Start                            Light 1 Off: 1 Sound




                        Recall  Signals:-


                        Individual Recall                                            Light 3 On.  1 Sound


                        General Recall         Light 1 On, Light 2 On, Light 3 On.  2 Sound




                        Course Change         Light 1 On, Light 2 On, Light 3 On.  2 Sound


                        ( See note 1 below)








Note 1: The course change signal will only be made prior to the preparatory signal. Two sound signals will accompany this signal.




In the event of multi race starts the starting signal for any race will be the 5 minute warning signal for any following race. To indicate this at the start of any race, except the last race in the sequence, the Start light (Light 1) will be switched off and back on again immediately.






8.2     a.  Shore Start




The starting line will be an extension of two transits ashore which will be located as follows. One transit will be on the wall of the Pembrokeshire Yacht Club building at Hakin Point and the second transit will be on the Lamp Post at the end of Hakin Point Pier. There will be an ODM which will be a large Round Red/White   Buoy which will not necessarily be on the starting line and will be located about 300m from shore.








b. Boat Start




The starting line will be between the mast of the Committee Boat displaying an orange flag and the outer distance mark which will be an orange inflatable pillar.




8.3  The Committee Boat may have a buoy or dinghy attached to the stern and which will form part of the committee boat.


8.3     Boats shall avoid the starting area before their warning signal.


8.4     A boat starting more than 4 minutes after her start signal shall be scored Did Not Start. This changes RRS 28.1.


8.5     The race committee may broadcast the identity of any boat over the start line after her 1 minute signal.  Failure to broadcast or an error in the broadcast shall not be grounds for redress, this changes RRS 62.1(a)




9.0 Shortend Course


9.1  a   Signals.


                                                                                    Light 1Light 2Light 3




                                    Shortened Course                   On       Off      Off    & 2 Sound


                                    (Class 1/)


                              Shortened Course                   On       On       Off     & 2 Sound


                              (Class 2/3)


                              Shortened Course                   On       On       On       & 2 Sound


                              (All Divisions)




            b          In the event of a light failure rule 26. System 1 Signals will be used.










            a.         Individual Recalls. Amends rule 29.1.




                        Individual recalls will be signalled in accordance with 8.1.




      Note: The name or sail number of boats OCS (if identified) will be announced by VHF radio immediately after the start.




                  b.         General Recall. Amends rule 29.2.




            A general recall will be signalled in accordance with 8.1. When this has been signalled all lights will remain on for a period of time as determined by the race committee. A new preparatory signal will be made one minute after the switching off of the recall signal. (One sound signal will be made with switching off of the general recall signal).




      Multi race starts.


When a general recall signal has been signalled, the start(s) for succeeding Division(s) will be postponed accordingly.










10.0      THE FINISH




  1. Shore Finish




The finishing line will be the same as the starting line described in 8.2 a.








  1. Boat Finish




The finishing line will be between the mast of the Committee Boat displaying a blue flag and East Angle buoy to port.




11.0      TIME LIMITS


11.1  The time limit for the Haven Approaches race will be 4 hours. All other boats must finish within 2 hours of the finishing time of the first boat in the class concerned.


11.2  The time limit for the Round the Cans Race 1 will be 1.5 hours. All other boats must finish within 30 minutes of the finishing time of the first boat in the class concerned. For Round the Cans Race 2 the limits will be 3 hours and 1 hour respectively.


11.3  Time limits may be adjusted at the discretion of the Race Officer.






12.0      SCORING


12.1  The Low Point System of RRS Appendix A will apply.


12.2  RRS 44.3 Scoring Penalty shall apply and the Penalty will be 2 places.


12.3  Prizes will be given to the first competitors in each class for each day and for the first three competitors of each class for the overall series. On days when there is more than one race the race results will be combined for the day's prizes.


12.4  All races in a series will count and there shall be no discards. Results for boats not entered for the whole series will be extracted from the overall results. This alters Appendix A2.






13.1  Protest forms are available at the Race Control Office at Hakin Point. Protests shall be delivered there within the protest time limit.


13.2  The protest time limit is 60 minutes after the finish of the last boat in the class concerned.


13.3  The time limit for a protest by the Race Committee is 90 minutes after the finish of the last race of the day. This changes RRS 61.3 and 62.2.


13.4  Notices will be posted on the official notice board within 30 minutes of the protest time limit to inform competitors of the time and place of hearings.


13.5  Any boat intending to protest shall inform the committee boat within 15 minutes of their finishing time.  This Changes RRS 61.


13.6  The Exoneration Penalty (and the Advisory Hearing and RYA Arbitration) of the RYA Rules Disputes Procedure will be available.




14.0      SAFETY


14.1  All boats shall comply with ISAF Offshore Special Regulations 2007-2008 Category 4 or their class association rules regarding safety equipment


14.2  A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible.


Commercial Shipping.


14.3  All boats must keep clear of commercial shipping. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to disqualification without protest This changes RRS 60.


14.4  In order to avoid a potentially dangerous situation, a boat may use its engine to motor clear provided this is done in such a way as not to give an unfair advantage.  A boat that uses its engine while racing shall report the circumstances to the race committee within an hour of finishing the race concerned and may be subject to protest.






A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the class rules and sailing instructions. On the water, a boat can be instructed by a race committee measurer to proceed immediately to a designated area for inspection.






A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.




17.0      TRASH


Boats shall not put trash or rubbish in the water




18.0      RISK Assessment


Rule 4 of the Racing Rules of Sailing states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.” Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore involves an element of risk. By taking part in the event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:




a) They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;


b) They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their other property whether afloat or ashore;


c) They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or omissions;


d) Their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;


e) The provision of a race management team, patrol boats, umpires and other officials and volunteers by the organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;


f) The provision of patrol boat cover is limited to such assistance, particularly in extreme weather conditions, as can be practically provided in the circumstances;


g) They are responsible for ensuring that their boat is equipped and seaworthy so as to be able to face extremes of weather; that there is a crew sufficient in number, experience and fitness to withstand such weather; and that the safety equipment is properly maintained, stowed and in date and is familiar to the crew; and


h) Their boat is adequately insured, with cover of at least £2M against third party claims.