Starting Instructions

2019 Starting and finishing Procedures and Start Lines

Neyland Yacht Club

The transit poles carrying red V's, one of which is inverted, are mounted next to the starter's cabin. The ODM, Llanion Mark, may not be on the transit. The starting sequence is:

5 minutes to start: warning
4 minutes: under starter's orders
1 minute: warning



Pembroke Haven Yacht Club

A Transit through the Clubhouse flagpole (on the balcony) and the red and yellow striped pole on Hobbs Point, which extends towards the North shore. There is no ODM. The starting sequence is as Neyland YC.

Pembrokeshire Yacht Club

Races will start from the Clubhouse starting line except when international code flag 'D' is being flown from the Club's flagstaff. This will indicate that the scheduled race will start from the Milford Haven Marina entrance.

Clubhouse Start: A transit through two distinguishing poles on the starting deck of the Club. The pole to the North carries an inverted triangle; the pole to the South carries a triangle on its base. The ODM is a red buoy, approximately on this transit. The PYC flagstaff does not constitute part of the line.

Races will start from Milford Marina Start line:This is an extension of two transits ashore which will be locatedas follows. One transit will be on the wall of the PYC building at Hakin Point and the second transit will be on the Lamp Post at the end of Hakin Point Pier.There will be an ODM which will be a large White Conical Buoy which willnot necessarily be on the starting line and will be located about 300m from shore.

For either starting line a light system is used. Each light signal will be accompanied by a sound signal, which may be from a gun. The starting sequence is:

5 minute to start: warning light 1 on sound signal

4 minutes: under starter's orders light 2 on sound signal

1 minute: warning light 2 off sound signal

Start light 1 off sound signal

Recall signals

Individual: light 3 sound signal

General: lights 1, 2 & 3 on sound signal

Course change: lights 1, 2 & 3 on sound signal


At Dale

The start line is a transit between two orange poles on Dale Fort Jetty (Note) There is no Inner or Outer distance marks.

Also confirm VHF37 with Race Officer on the day.

Dale Point Finishes: All offshore and other races which end at Dale will use the line which is a transit from Dale Point Light (GpF1(2)WR5s) through Dakotian Buoy, the buoy being left to port.

At Lawrenny

Details from Lawrenny Yacht Club (usually on entry to a race).

At Tenby

The finishing line for the passage race is between two tall orange cylindrical buoys, the line being roughly parallel to the cliffs (NE to SW), just off the outer moorings outside Tenby Harbour. The line is positioned so that its extension approximately intersects the centre of the Tenby SC clubhouse. Normally signals will be made from the window in the apex of the clubhouse. A RIB will be stationed near one end of the line. A yellow light will flash when a boat crosses the line to finish.

The starting line for the Return Race is normally agreed on the previous evening, and could be the same as the finishing line. The presence of a RIB cannot be guaranteed for the morning start.

At Other Locations

For the return passage races from Kilmore Quay and Padstow, and on any other occasion when no race officer is available, races will be started by means of a five minute countdown on VHF Ch37.

N.B. Every yacht must record its own finishing time. See Sailing Instruction No 5(b)S

Revised 1 April 2019